How to exchange Lucky Coins and Earn Rewards


Staff member
Sep 19, 2020
Okay first of all you need to find Delgado in Devias

You can find Delgado in Devias Cords - 192 - 16 Behind the Church.

Then you need to Click on Delgado and Click on Lucky Coin Registration
Register at least 10 Lucky Coins so you can exchange them (If you have more then 10 Just register them, Delgado will keep them for you)
After you complete registering the Lucky Coins to Delgado then you need to Re-open it and Click on Exchange Lucky Coins

You can exchange lucky coins as the following
  • 10 Lucky Coins - Will award you 1 jewel of Bless,Chaos,Life,Creaion or Soul
  • 20 Lucky Coins - Will award you with a Bundle 10x jewels of Bless,Chaos,Life,Creation or Soul
  • 30 Lucky Coins - Will award you with a brekable pet like: Skeleton Pet, Panda Pet, Demon and e.t.c.
You can keep hunting Lucky Coins all over the Mu Online World and go Register them to Delgado and Exchange, they are unlimited exchanges
during the day, so you can exchange all the time!